Yim Build

On Saturday, September 12, the Fuller Center for Housing of Los Angeles crew descended on the home of Major Marc Yim and his family with a punch list:

  • Remove and replace a very old toilet
  • Demo and rebuild a shed/water heater compartment on the side of the house
  • Prepare closets in the master bedroom for new doors
  • Prepare master bedroom for a new bathroom door

Major Mark Yim is a serving US Army Medical Services Officer and injured due to direct enemy action. As he is home recovering, he discovered that the roof of his Buena Park home has started to fail and now leaks badly every rainstorm. Phase one of the project involved prep work for the replacement of the Yim home roof on Sept 19.

How the injury happened:
Major Yim was injured while on a health & welfare inspection mission of a Forward Operation Base (F.O.B.) in Afghanistan. He was on a helicopter which was landing at the F.O.B. right at the moment the F.O.B. came under an enemy mortar attack. The helicopter’s crew chief called out, “In coming!”, causing a fast exit of the aircraft. During the exit, Major Yim was thrown from the helicopter and he severely injured his right shoulder and right arm. He was evacuated and given emergency treatment to stabilize his injuries for return to the US for further treatment.

After his emergency treatment, he has returned home to his wife, and 10 month old daughter, Ashley. Once home, Major Yim and family began his primary treatment and recovery which will include major reconstruction operation to his shoulder and several procedures and months of physical therapy.

With a new roof and water heater, the Yim family will be safe and dry throughout the upcoming El Nino winter rains!